The new Alt J album, This Is All Yours, is out today and I feel like I’ve been invited to an elaborate meal with many courses. I’ve been a bit anxious about this second offering, as the initial 3 singles are so diverse in their scope, but I really like this on first listening. It is really pretty… and pretty weird in expected and unexpected ways. I am obsessed with Warm Foothills. It is gorgeous. I would never think that an Alt J song would be reminiscent  of Andrew Bird, but this track is.


“Warm Foothills”



I’ve watched this video about 5 times today. The dancing is ridiculously great and I think it is pretty much guaranteed that you will smile watching it. And you might have a little extra swag in your step after watching. I adore watching people who are 100% passionate about the art they create and This. Is. It. 

Sinkane “How We Be”

I took some time last weekend to have a little special time with my eldest. Driving alone with her always yields some insight into her world and Starbucks drinks are like a magical potion resulting in mother/daughter camaraderie. I’ll take it. Always.  Sometimes it’s just the feeling, not even the conversation.

There was a violinist that we saw on our venture who was playing, recording and looping his sound and it was fun to see and made me think about all the wonderful opportunities that technology has brought to music. This song is quirky, dreamy and kind of murky in just the right way.

Emily Wells “Johnny Cash’s Mama’s House”