Whatever you do

This song is always puts a smile on my face. It is just a happy song.

“Whatever you do, do it good” (the grammar makes me cringe, but the sentiment is good)

The beginning of the scholastic year is a perfect time to set new goals and make plans for a successful year.

Charles Wright “Express Yourself”


Sea of Love

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a throwback, but for some reason Fleetwood Mac has been on my brain. There isn’t much that Fleetwood Mac has done that I don’t really enjoy. But for me, Stevie Nick’s voice in its prime, is untouchable. It is just such an emotional sound. Evocative of both joy and sorrow. Pretty perfect for a singer. Anyway, “Sara”  never disappoints. This is off the album Tusk.  I also really love the song “Tusk”  with an entire marching band (USC) and it is fabulous to watch riiiight now if you are a football fan, as it will definitely get you going. There is a fantastic youtube video of them recording it in 1979.

But, for today, which is alternately overcast and sunny, here is “Sara” with lyrics and a voice that will melt you.


Last Friday of Summer

I can’t deny it; I am in a really great mood today. Some days are just that way. Fridays usually facilitate that feeling, but this Friday in particular is quite nice. I am finally excited for the girls to go back to school, and not because they were fractious and fighting, but because going back to school and seeing old friends is really fun. I am enjoying seeing them reconnect with their pals.

I saw an owl on my run early this morning. It was not quite light yet and he was perched on a streetlight watching me and I in turn watched him as I ran by.  I love my early runs. Seeing the sun rise is one of the greatest things because common as it is–happens every day–it is never mundane. It is always pretty spectacular.  I’ve seen turtles, baby foxes, rabbits, (jack-rabbits when I was in Santa Fe) and countless birds and provided that the wildlife is smaller than I am, it is really exciting to behold.

All of this goodness is bolstered by the fact that yesterday I realized that on my Wednesday trip to the bank, I was shorted a decent amount of money. I was depositing money and withdrawing as well and I was chatting with the teller and trying to ensure suckers for the girls and I didn’t count to make sure that she was accurate. I realized the mistake yesterday and dreaded the very awkward bank trip where I would have to say, I think you owe me money from yesterday. Imagine my surprise when she not only knew exactly what had happened, but was thrilled to see me to pay me back, claiming, “I’ve been trying to get ahold of you!” Why am I telling you this? I don’t know. Except to say that sometimes the stars align and you have a really great day. There are also days that completely suck through and through but I am staying positive today

This song is a happy song. Tegan and Sara. I posted a cover that they did of the Rolling Stones’ “A Fool to Cry”  a couple of months ago, but I haven’t posted any of their songs yet. Last night I found a super recent video of them performing this song with Taylor Swift that was actually really cute.

Hope your Friday is full of serendipity!

Tegan and Sara “Closer”



Perfect Balance

Today’s song was Shazammed three times on my recent vacation.  Multiple Shazamms tell me that 1. I clearly like the song  and 2. I might possibly be losing my mind or at least part of my memory.

It is a fantastic balance of a great melody, a bit of mystery and a sense of urgency that makes for a kind of unique sound. I like it a lot. I dare you to listen and sit 100% still for the duration. Not. Possible.

I have been thinking  a lot about the music genome project that is the blueprint for how Pandora works, and wishing that I had been a fly on the wall during its inception.  I am really fascinated by what makes a song likable and to whom.  I enjoy a little bit of almost every genre (I know that I bitch about Country, but I can even find quite a bit that I like–especially if there is a Bluegrass element) and I adore finding new things that move me.  So much talent in this world.  It is all very inspiring.

Happy Thursday!

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra vs. Nina Moschella-“Kiss The Sky”


Dust to Dust

I am just digging into the Civil Wars newest offering. I sincerely hope that it will not be their last. The drama surrounding the status of their group indicates that at this point it could go either way.

My husband actually highlighted this particular track for me as it is his favorite on the album. It is a beautiful and subtle song. There is a fabulous You Tube video about the making of Dust to Dust in which JP talks about how he had to fight his natural inclination to have a building climax in a song but rather stay on an even keel and keep it level. For this song, it was a good decision. Their voices create all the tension and the beauty that is needed.

Have a wonderful day.

The Civil Wars “Dust to Dust”


Today’s song is wistful and bubblegum sweet. I feel like Cayucas is everywhere right now. Everytime I turn on XM radio I hear “High School Lover” or “East Coast Girl.” Cayucas is Indie + Beach Boy-esque greatness and it always puts a smile on my face.  My kids are beginning to grate on each other’s nerves and I know that it is time for Summer to end, but I think that it is a sign of a really great summer that I’m not quiiiiiiiite there yet.

Cayucas “A Summer Thing”