nouveau now

Vampire Weekend’s new album Modern Vampires of the City was recently released and so far I’m really enjoying it.

Here is “Ya Hey”

Happy Friday!


Funky Fresh

This video made my morning. Be sure to be watching for the siiiiick moves at 00:31.

Daft Punk “Get Lucky”

You Can’t Go Home Again

I heard Beck’s “Loser” on the radio today. It was his breakout song that put him on the map and is in his usual quirky style that I really like. He is kind of nutty. Like REALLY nutty. Hearing it made me think of all our Beck CDs gathering dust somewhere in some box because technology has changed and I’m too lazy to upload every. single. one. to an external hard drive. But I really need to do this, because I’m not hearing this amazing-ness unless it happens to come on the radio and my favorite Beck songs are not on the radio.

So I’m listening and thinking how great Beck is and thought back to my favorite album, Sea Change. It is so gorgeous. It is also very melancholy. Not Friday music, unless your weekend is looking particularly grim. But, it is so beautiful.

This CD came out shortly after our first big move; to Bethesda, MD. We were new parents, knew we’d be there just a year, and knew we were going to keep moving, and moving and moving. For me, this song is homesickness scored.

~”Lost Cause”


Now, PROMISE me that if you listen to that one, you will then listen to the ridiculously good, “Debra” off Midnite Vultures it is pure Prince-esqe, Jagger, falsetto goodness.

roads left in both of our shoes

I had an instant affinity for Death Cab for Cutie. That rarely happens. I was driving from St. Louis to Milwaukee in the last leg of a move from Hawaii to Milwaukee. I was pregnant with Lucy and in the car with me was our dog, Randy, who I was insanely angry at because he had just killed my niece and nephew’s guinea pig, Nibbles. There is not a more unfortunate and awkward scene as house guests than killing the family pet.  Also in the car with me was Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans and when I heard it, I was immediately besotted with the whole album. There is something about Ben Gibbard’s voice that is familiar to me. My husband thinks I have some sort of thing for him, which I certainly do not (he does look much better these days than in the video I’m posting); it is more like a brother-sister affection. I don’t know. Or maybe I knew him in another life…

Moving on… My six year old daughter feels exactly the same way about them. Her favorite song is “Marching Bands of Manhattan.” I love this whole album. So. Much. It is dark, as most of their songs are, but there is this unusual lightness to his voice which I love. I struggled with which song to post because it is such an album-y album, but here is: “Soul Meets Body”

To Each Their Own

Snow patrol has always occupied a rather transient place on my playlist. I am somewhat ambivalent about them. I am usually cool with hearing them, but rarely reached for their CDs …and that also tells you how long it’s been since I’ve listened to them, we’re talking CD days, people!! (minor disclaimer:  I actually did buy Adele’s CD two and a half year ago) That being said, there is a song out from Snow Patrol that I really like. Listening to it today in advance of this post I was thinking that this is a song that you either really like or really don’t, therefore taking it out of the usual Snow Patrol gray area. I looked it up and it is actually a portion of a song that they released in 2008, Called “The Lightning Strike” At the time it was either lauded or reviled and not much in-between. This portion is called “What if the Storm Ends” and is part one of three. So whereas Monday’s song was Not Subjective , today’s song you might not like. Or you may love. Regardless, the song has been regarded as both ambitious and dramatic depending on who you ask. I’m generally a sucker for ambitious and dramatic.

I was going to post this earlier in the week, but it seemed to mirror the awful weather and tragic consequences too closely, however, after some thought the message is good and true.

I want to see you 

As you are now

Every single day 

That I am living

Good message to appreciate the lives we have and the people in them, non?

Happy Friday!

A Rose By Any Other Name

Long ago I learned, that if I like something, a good rule of thumb is to buy two. I am not a hoarder, I just basically apply this to certain types of purchases: if a shirt is cute, is there another color in the same style? I am not high maintenance.* When I find something that I like, I get in and I get out. I do not like to shop. (Turning in my girl card now…) Shopping is not relaxing to me unless I am with a friend who loves to shop and will give me honest advice. But I digress… my point is simply that I generally know what I like and will typically like similar things. It is the same in music. I have already professed my love of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros; here is Alex Ebert’s solo venture, Alexander.

This is a sweet love song. If you are at work, don’t be put off by the panting at the beginning…I promise I am not steering you to something untoward.

*I may not be qualified to make that comment.

Alexander “A Million Years”