A loud storm brought my little one into our bed early this morning and as I scooped her up and drew her in I was overwhelmed by the pleasure of being able to comfort her so completely.  She snuggled in and was snoring away in mere seconds. I wish that all issues that my kids bring to me were as easy to solve. Whether it be fears that they may have, friendships they are struggling with, pressures they may feel, or just coming to terms with things they can’t control, their lives are already filled with many complex realities. What has surprised me of late though, is how much my counsel to them would cause me to look inwards. Introspection brought on by objectifying an issue.  It’s a gift really, parenthood. I get to have these two beautiful souls in my life and in my home. 


Today’s song is a cover song of Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird, a real Christine McVie treasure. Stevie Nicks gets so much of the spotlight of Fleetwood Mac–and deservedly so–that it is easy to forget just how beautiful of a voice Christine McVie has. That being said, I am posting Eva Cassidy’s version because I love her voice so much and her short life reminds me that today is what we get. Use it well. 

Have a wonderful Friday!


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