I’ve spent a week in my favorite place for a get away. Coming back home brings a bevy of to-do lists and catching up from the time away. The girls start school in a week and I am struck yet again, by how fast the summer has flown. I came home to a stack of mail, but also, happily, to a stack of magazines. I get an obscene amount of magazines. Too many, actually. It might be a case in point about the law of diminishing returns, as I sometimes can’t remember which ones I’ve read. That being said, upon return I found a special edition InStyle called Fashion Rocks, whose cover boldly promised “Your 10 New Fave Bands (You Just Don’t Know It Yet)”, and while some of their 10 are already current faves, and some are decidedly not my thing, I did find one that I truly love. George Ezra. His sound is happy, effortless, breezy fun. I dig it.

George Ezra “Budapest”




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