February Fave

I really REALLY wanted to love the new Broken Bells album. So far it is just ok. Which is kind of disappointing because I think the Broken Bells is such an interesting side gig for these two musicians. I love musical collaborations. So, it was with unexpected glee that yesterday I heard a fabulous cover of the Beatles’s “And I Love Her” by Broken Bells. It was featured on David Letterman who is honoring the Beatles this week due to the anniversary of their legendary Ed Sullivan Show performance that forever changed the musical influence and direction of this country.  First, I will say that it takes serious chutzpah to cover the Beatles. Ever.

But I really, really like what the Broken Bells did with this song. I think that they pull it off handily.  It is very pretty. I only wish they had chosen such an interesting direction for their own album. No one can replace Paul singing that song, BUT, James Mercer’s Shin-zy warble around the 2 minute mark is perfection. Enjoy!


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