Taking the Reindeer by the Horns

The inevitable shift towards Christmas hustle and bustle is already happening. I was met with Christmas songs at every stop on my errands today and this year I’ve decided to unlock my jaw and embrace the inevitable…Let me pause and say that I am not a Grinch, but I just think that starting Christmas this early leads to such a huge January let down. Part of my passive resistance to the trend of starting the madness early is to not engage (yet). This brilliant idea has made me calm and zen-like every holiday season that I’ve tried it. Ok, maybe NOTSOMUCH. So, this year I am going to go with the flow. If there is a carol, I will be singing it. If I see an item that would be juuuust perfect for so and so I will buy it. I’m setting a goal of Dec 15th for all purchases to be done.

Today’s pick is a happy song, called Holiday; not really about the Holidays, quite the opposite in fact, but a happy little tune nonetheless and it always puts me in a good (read non-Grinchy) mood.

Vampire Weekend “Holiday”


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