Today’s song is was an instant love for me. Certainly there are songs that grow on me with time and their character reveals itself after many plays, but I still really enjoy when I hear a song and feel like I must know: 1. Who is singing it? 2. What it is? 3. When can I hear it again? In today’s really fantastic world of technology you can answer all three in one quick step: Shazaam.  I remember many years ago hearing the White Stripes, “Seven Nation Army” for the first time and trying to google the lyrics that I could recall so that I could figure out the band and the title. It wasn’t quick, and then I had to go buy the CD, and while I am occasionally a bit wistful that the thrill of the hunt for a song is over– rendered obsolete by technology–I am more often thrilled that I can hear the  music that I love that much faster.

Upon first listen, I was pretty convinced that this must be a single from The Neighbourhood, whom I am currently really enjoying and haven’t yet posted, but it isn’t and that just means more new music to love. Sir Sly, sounds a lot like The Neighbourhood, plus Tricky and Coldplay? They released an EP, “Gold” with four songs back in May and it’s pretty great.


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