Perfect Balance

Today’s song was Shazammed three times on my recent vacation.  Multiple Shazamms tell me that 1. I clearly like the song  and 2. I might possibly be losing my mind or at least part of my memory.

It is a fantastic balance of a great melody, a bit of mystery and a sense of urgency that makes for a kind of unique sound. I like it a lot. I dare you to listen and sit 100% still for the duration. Not. Possible.

I have been thinking  a lot about the music genome project that is the blueprint for how Pandora works, and wishing that I had been a fly on the wall during its inception.  I am really fascinated by what makes a song likable and to whom.  I enjoy a little bit of almost every genre (I know that I bitch about Country, but I can even find quite a bit that I like–especially if there is a Bluegrass element) and I adore finding new things that move me.  So much talent in this world.  It is all very inspiring.

Happy Thursday!

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra vs. Nina Moschella-“Kiss The Sky”



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