Easing in

I’m back from a fantastic vacation with great friends and family and I feel that particular sadness that comes after the ending of something pretty perfect. I get the same way after I read a phenomenal book; I am listless. There is plenty here to reengage me however, as the demands of Back to School preparation looms large and I feel anticipation for the advent of my favorite season,  Fall.

One of the things I really treasured about my time away was enjoying a real disconnect from the media, technology, social media and pretty much anything that is on a screen.  Aside from music, I was on a low-tech island, and it was great.  Today’s song is from Greg Laswell, who is new to me, but who I found via RDIO, which is a fantastic free app (for the first 30 days) which allows you to listen to anything you want, even albums in their entirety. It also functions similarly to Pandora and will play things that it thinks you will like.  Greg Laswell is married to another singer whom I enjoy, Ingrid Michaelson.  The song is gorgeous.

Greg Laswell “And Then You”


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