I was blown away by all the amazing things I saw on my trip to Santa Fe.  I had the good fortune to attend (with kids in tow) a performance of the Juan Siddi Flamenco Company. Packed into a small theatre; sipping Sangria with my mom, I watched one of the most beautiful art forms I have ever seen. The stage was lined with Classical guitarists, an amazing Cellist, a guitarist, percussion, and a piano. Added to that were the gypsy (for real) singers. I would’ve come for the music alone, but the dancers…they took my breath away. Flamenco is so intense.  There is a power, a passion, a sadness and a joy that Flamenco inhabits.  There is a word in Spanish, Duende,  that is generally associated with Flamenco, but also with the transcendental nature of art and its ability to move both the artist and the audience. Duende is deep emotion; the power to attract through magnetism and charm. It has been described as the most difficult word to translate from Spanish into other languages.

I told my mom that if reincarnation is real, I want to come back as a Flamenco dancer. She laughed. She thought I was joking.

Anyway, I realize that my description falls far short of actually seeing the performance, so I will wrap it up except to say that I was reinvigorated to steep myself in whatever art and culture I can find.

I will be back to my indie-loving self tomorrow, but for today enjoy, “Dark Eyes” from For Musicians Only



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