“Go Baby Go Baby Go”

Every electronic device in my house is manhandled and left depleted of batteries by my kids. They love to create songs in Garage Band and to listen to music and play games. We are working on limits for these activities, as it is definitely in need of moderation. Setting and sticking to these limits has proven challenging.

I still run with an Ipod because I get too sweaty when I work out to take my phone… I would have to bubble wrap it. So today when I set out on my morning run, I noticed that they had been listening to an old playlist. My battery life was juuuuuust enough to get me through my run and actually I was sort of enjoying a blast from the past playlist that I had on my Ipod. I have been thinking about posting songs that are great for workouts. I realize that the BPM that works for one person might not cut it for another, but I will just suggest.

This song is from the Noisettes and I have no idea when or why I happened to download it, but I love its sort of retro-late-seventies vibe. Perfect mid-run song.

Don’t Upset the Rhythm”


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