Covered 2.0

I lived in Milwaukee for four years and for the last three of those years I was a yoga instructor. It was a fantastic outlet for me at the time, with two young children at home. One of the many things I loved about this time was that I would set the tone for the class with the music. I have many CDs of ambient music for yoga; think babbling brooks and woodwinds. Certainly, there were those who preferred this type of class, but I found that most people responded to a flowing vinyasa class with just a touch of mellow fun.

Today’s song is a cover of Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc” by Skye, who was (and I think since 2010 is again) the lead singer of Morcheeba, which is a late 90s trip-hop group who also made it on to a yoga playlist or two. Anyway, I really love this version of the song. Skye has a gorgeous voice.



2 thoughts on “Covered 2.0

    • I love both versions! Sometimes down tempo covers can feel like anemic versions of the original, but this ( I think) has a life of its own. Glad you enjoyed it!

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