It is a rare and special thing when an album transcends a decade and manages to sound relevant and amazing through the years. (I feel like an old geezer even writing that sentence) I can’t believe that Portishead’s Dummy is almost 19 years old. Except that I remember what a melodramatic teen I was when I bought it. This is an albumy album. Many, many great songs to be enjoyed as a whole, but it is every bit as good as it ever was. Trust. I love the ambient TripHop genre and Beth Gibbons voice is otherworldly. Today’s song, “Sour Times” sounds like it could be plucked from any time–it’s spy-sounding music sounds just like the intro for  Mad Men.  “Roads” is another favorite and “Glory Box” just might be the slinkiest song of all time.  Happy Friday! Enjoy.


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