The Stars Align

I have days when I am really klutzy and late everywhere I go. They are invariably the days that the dog escapes and runs down the street, and in chasing her I realize that I am still in something loosely based on pajamas. These are the days when the plumber comes before the four hour window I was given and I, of course, am not home.

BUT, there are also days when everything is cracking, somehow I am ahead of schedule for every thing I have to get done. I am a checklist crossing fool. And yes, I will check that box just because it feels amazing to do so. EVEN if the list is 5 seconds from being tossed. I have two different checklist apps on my phone, but there is something about physically tossing my list of stuff I’ve gotten done. Anyway, I am getting off point. TODAY, I am literally pinging with excitement because through some sort of Ahhhh-mazing stroke of serendipity I am going to see this band in concert. 

I am new to Lord Huron, but I am OBSESSED with this song. Can’t. Get. Enough. I was reading up on them and listening to other stuff in advance of this post and decided that I’d check to see if they were coming to Dallas anytime soon. Well, they are opening for Alt-J and I am already going to that concert. I am not too proud to admit that I was literally doing jumpy claps in my kitchen.

Lord Huron “It’s Time to Run”


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