Because I set a personal goal

When I started this silly little experiment, I set a goal of Monday through Friday postings until I didn’t feel it anymore. I am loving thinking of a song each day, but life is getting awfully busy for the time being. But I am still committed. Actually in the summer when it is all about shuffling the kids to and fro it is the one thing that I own and I am claiming it. Dammit.

However, today had me in a quandary about why I protest so much that I really do love female singers just as much as males when I think that looking at my picks I am seeing quite a different reality. I think it is because I am trying to put current picks in as much as possible and I guess I am less than inspired by the latest offerings by females. Give me your favorite girls. I need to mix it up! In the meantime, here is a favorite from the Queen of Soul.

I love this super flirty side of Aretha Franklin


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