Sometimes songs are beautiful in the traditional sense with perfect voices and pleasing lyrics. Then there are the songs that are meant to provoke, sung by singers who might embrace imperfection in both their song and their subject. I feel this way about Neil Young, whose voice is not classically good, but gets me every time. Arcade Fire does the same thing to me.

I really missed out on Arcade Fire’s 2010 release, The Suburbs. It might have been purposeful as we were planning and preparing to move to the suburbs of Texas, which, I think, take Suburbia to a whole new level and you can’t dive headfirst into something if you are dwelling on the pejorative elements of your decision. I should add here that I love where I live and haven’t regretted a bit of our decision to move here, BUT, you can’t live in a bubble without occasionally taking stock of what you give up by choosing to do so.

Can you tell it’s a MONDAY?? This song is striking to me, its odd skipped beats and its urgent, yet subdued tone. I have enjoyed other Arcade songs for a long time, but The Suburbs is somewhat new to me and I am enjoying discovering it. Other great songs on the album are “Ready To Start” and “We Used To Wait

For today though, here is “Modern Man”


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