You Can’t Go Home Again

I heard Beck’s “Loser” on the radio today. It was his breakout song that put him on the map and is in his usual quirky style that I really like. He is kind of nutty. Like REALLY nutty. Hearing it made me think of all our Beck CDs gathering dust somewhere in some box because technology has changed and I’m too lazy to upload every. single. one. to an external hard drive. But I really need to do this, because I’m not hearing this amazing-ness unless it happens to come on the radio and my favorite Beck songs are not on the radio.

So I’m listening and thinking how great Beck is and thought back to my favorite album, Sea Change. It is so gorgeous. It is also very melancholy. Not Friday music, unless your weekend is looking particularly grim. But, it is so beautiful.

This CD came out shortly after our first big move; to Bethesda, MD. We were new parents, knew we’d be there just a year, and knew we were going to keep moving, and moving and moving. For me, this song is homesickness scored.

~”Lost Cause”


Now, PROMISE me that if you listen to that one, you will then listen to the ridiculously good, “Debra” off Midnite Vultures it is pure Prince-esqe, Jagger, falsetto goodness.


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