roads left in both of our shoes

I had an instant affinity for Death Cab for Cutie. That rarely happens. I was driving from St. Louis to Milwaukee in the last leg of a move from Hawaii to Milwaukee. I was pregnant with Lucy and in the car with me was our dog, Randy, who I was insanely angry at because he had just killed my niece and nephew’s guinea pig, Nibbles. There is not a more unfortunate and awkward scene as house guests than killing the family pet.  Also in the car with me was Death Cab for Cutie’s Plans and when I heard it, I was immediately besotted with the whole album. There is something about Ben Gibbard’s voice that is familiar to me. My husband thinks I have some sort of thing for him, which I certainly do not (he does look much better these days than in the video I’m posting); it is more like a brother-sister affection. I don’t know. Or maybe I knew him in another life…

Moving on… My six year old daughter feels exactly the same way about them. Her favorite song is “Marching Bands of Manhattan.” I love this whole album. So. Much. It is dark, as most of their songs are, but there is this unusual lightness to his voice which I love. I struggled with which song to post because it is such an album-y album, but here is: “Soul Meets Body”


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