To Each Their Own

Snow patrol has always occupied a rather transient place on my playlist. I am somewhat ambivalent about them. I am usually cool with hearing them, but rarely reached for their CDs …and that also tells you how long it’s been since I’ve listened to them, we’re talking CD days, people!! (minor disclaimer:  I actually did buy Adele’s CD two and a half year ago) That being said, there is a song out from Snow Patrol that I really like. Listening to it today in advance of this post I was thinking that this is a song that you either really like or really don’t, therefore taking it out of the usual Snow Patrol gray area. I looked it up and it is actually a portion of a song that they released in 2008, Called “The Lightning Strike” At the time it was either lauded or reviled and not much in-between. This portion is called “What if the Storm Ends” and is part one of three. So whereas Monday’s song was Not Subjective , today’s song you might not like. Or you may love. Regardless, the song has been regarded as both ambitious and dramatic depending on who you ask. I’m generally a sucker for ambitious and dramatic.

I was going to post this earlier in the week, but it seemed to mirror the awful weather and tragic consequences too closely, however, after some thought the message is good and true.

I want to see you 

As you are now

Every single day 

That I am living

Good message to appreciate the lives we have and the people in them, non?

Happy Friday!


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