“Until the final flicker of life’s ember”

If you are lucky enough to live in the great state of Texas, then you may have experienced the wonder of grocery shopping that is Central Market. The place is ah-mazing. Pricey but pristine. One of the things that set them apart is their festivals and promotional months. For example in the fall they have a Hatch Chile festival and roast New Mexican Hatch Chile’s and they have Chocolate is for Lovers in February. The themes generally infiltrate all aspects of the store, so you might find Mango Hatch Chile gelato in the gelato section, or extra chocolate-y molé in the café.

This past month was Passport Brazil and I spent a good deal of time there just to munch on the fresh mango samples, peruse the Havianas that they had displayed, but mostly to cruise down the aisles to the Bossa Nova music that they had continually playing. I LOVE the super chill vibe of Bossa Nova music.

Chris and I’ve never been much of a “this is our song” kinda couple, however when we were preparing to marry, we needed to select a song for our first dance and we both knew exactly what we wished for it to be. I would love to tell you that we got to dance to this song at our reception, but there are some songs that can’t be replicated well, and we had a live band, therefore we danced to “You Send Me” which was a super random and on-the -spot decision. We laugh every time we hear the song.

This Stan Getz/Astrud Gilberto song would’ve been THE SONG  if  we coulda swung it.



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