“Show Me Why You’re Strong”

I’ve just returned from a 24 hour trip to Oklahoma. 6 hours (3 each way) by myself in a car to listen and sing to whatever struck my fancy. Roadtrip listening is different then listening while tooling around town; the volume and the possibility of uninhibited Karaoke are usually tempered by having my kids in the car or the possibility of being seen by somebody I know. Suffice to say travelers in Ardmore, Oklahoma might’ve seen a blonde girl doing Mick Jagger lips and and belting out “Angie.” Mostly, I was listening to new stuff though and feeling it out.

I have no idea why I am blogging about music. Except that I love it. Passionately. Like up against the wall because getting horizontal would take too long kind of love. So one of my favorite aspects of this weird little venture is that people are telling me about music that they love, which was my hope from the start. This little gem was given to me by my lovely, creative sister in law, Ali. It is new to her as well and I am so happy she shared it with me.  I am super intrigued by this artist. First of all, he is white. That is unexpected. He is also British. Again, would not have been my first guess…

Anyway, this suggestion comes with rules. Listen with earbuds in or if you can manage it, in your car by yourself.  James Blake “Retrograde”


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