Oh Very Young


I am absurdly amused by watching my front- toothless six- year-old lisp her way through every song she knows right now. My gentle Jo will be 11 tomorrow.  It is trite, but it is true: they grow up too fast.

Posting from another bearded fellow today, Cat Stevens. I will never understand how he was convinced that his beautiful voice was anything other than a gift from God to be shared rather then retreat. But retreat he did. He is back to singing though, under his adopted name, Yusef Islam.  Here is “Wild World”  from his 1970 glory. If you have time today, check out Jimmy Cliff’s version as well.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Oh Very Young

  1. tearing up & loving loving those precious nieces of mine! What treasures and gifts they both are, with such unique songs their lives sing and will keep surprising us all as they grow… beautiful song choice! Happy BIRTHDAY JOS!!!!

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