Take Me With You

I made the mistake of musing out loud to my friends that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros look like they are having so much fun that I wished I could be abducted by them for a week or two and  I have not (and will not) hear the end of it. It just looks like a really fun party, yes? They are a ragamuffin group who sort of remind me in some small way of the Muppets. I sort of wanted to be Janice from the Muppets when I was little too.

Some of this should perhaps be sorted out on a couch in some office. Nevertheless, I love their whole album, Here.  I am posting a little interview with them:


my favorite line is when they say, “it’s a party that everyone is invited to.”

Today is cold, windy and overcast though, so today it’s a slow and gorgeous tune from them that gives me goosebumps every time: “Child” This is a Top Fiver for the last year for me.  Enjoy!


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