We listen to a lot of Top 40 at our house. Each day, in lieu of a proper alarm clock I turn on top 40 radio to wake my girls. Frankly, it is the repetition that gets to me. Songs that were tolerable or perhaps even kind of good become mind numbing really quickly. I have nothing against Top 40 or popular music per se, but I wish that they would just expand their playlists exponentially.

There has been a really interesting trend that I’ve noticed; occasionally a song that receive modest success in the indie radio world will make the leap over to popular radio. What is interesting is the time lapse that happens between indie and popular radio.  A couple of years ago, Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” was in regular rotation on XRT in Chicago and then a good 6 months later it resurfaced to popular acclaim (and eventual overplay) on Top 40 stations. Goyte’s “Somebody I used to Know” was next, followed by Ellie Goulding’s “Lights”. Now these are just the ones that I noticed, I am sure that there are many more making the jump.  On the one hand, I am not a music elitist, it doesn’t bother me to see my favorite song “discovered” by the masses –I realize that sounds elitist–I just wish that popular stations could exercise a little restraint. Is it possible to have something lightly in rotation?

Having two young girls pretty much necessitates that popular radio will be a continual presence in our home; I love seeing that my girls love music as much as I do.

Today’s pick is a song that I really like from a group I am recently discovering. I predict it will make the leap to Top 40 radio simply because I discovered that my 10 year old had been googling the title to find the band. Always nice to find music we both enjoy:  Imagine Dragons, “Demons”  (live)


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