No Expectations

Have I mentioned how much I love Shazam? How insane is it that you can generally source any music you hear just by Shazam-ing it? I have tons of tags and when I feel like my music is stale and needs refreshing I can just go to my list of tags and download.

Today’s pick is a frothy 80’s-esque song from a Canadian group called Stars. When I heard it initially it was the Kate Bush-like female vocalist that drew me in. Her background vocals are really pretty and offset the lead vocalist’s straightforward delivery. This song is light and easy as Fridays should be, but if you listen,the lyrics are actually pretty great:

Take the weakest thing in you

And then beat the bastards with it

And always hold on when you get love

So you can let go when you give it.

Not going to get too deep on this, but I like this message: Love freely and without expectation. Whether its friendships or your love relationship, I think this has the potential to create real contentment.* Happy Friday!

*this is not advocating being a doormat.


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