Audible Caffeine

Some days you just need a kick in the pants. Perhaps it’s a Tuesday, or it’s rainy or… God forbid, both. Or maybe it’s that you have a spot of time to reflect on your purpose in this life, without the benefit of motivation or clarity to see things as they really are. It is then, my friends, that you need to have in your arsenal some sure-fire songs to get your heart pumping (even if you remain seated on the couch). I might be able to hurdle our back fence if this song were playing loud enough. Not going to try it, but the thought has crossed my mind. Now, I am posting a video with a static picture while the song plays for several reasons: the band’s actual video is arty, creepy and will take you somewhere other then where I want you to go. (I’m steering this ship dammit!) and the myriad of live versions, while probably impressive if you are actually are there, are not what what today’s post is about either. Forgive the bossiness. What can I say, it’s the song?! Today’s pick is Delta Spirit, “People C’mon”.     ~ enjoy!


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