For You I’d Wait

Hidden at the end of Coldplay’s X&Y is a compelling cover of Johnny Cash’s  “Til Kingdom Come,” supposedly Coldplay and Johnny Cash had plans to record it together, but Cash passed away and the recording never happened. This song is included as a bonus track on a pretty perfect album. I remember hearing X&Y for the first time; I bought the CD the day it came out. We lived in Hawaii at the time and Chris and I were in the throes of getting to know one another again after a 9 month deployment to Iraq. All of the stress and anxiety of him being gone; and to being a single parent to our daughter, gave way to the relief of having him home again. This time was bittersweet. So much time lost, so much to catch up on. What was once my routine, my schedule was now, again, ours, and we began the process of rebuilding our life together.

I will add this (perhaps I will create a tag) to the group of strangely great songs to run to. Supposedly Lance Armstrong trained to this album for one of his Tour de France victories. (I used to be more impressed by that fact) Point being, X&Y is good for long workouts.

This is SUCH a Johnny Cash song, the cadence and the tone. I really love hearing Coldplay’s version. I have loved each and every one of their albums in its own special way (except Mylo Xylito which I don’t own???? Why?? Do I need it?)

The only thing missing when I hear this is the Ko’olau  Mountains and the Pacific.


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