Folky trip hop

I recently read a super creepy and suspenseful book, Before I Go To Sleep, which had been recommended by a friend. A fairly macabre read, it was nevertheless un-put-down-able. That is a word, look it up *. I am similarly creeped out by Alt J’s Breezeblocks, and yet I can’t get away from it. Alt J is so unbelievably weird and talented and somehow manages to be both alien and familiar. I listen to their music, mouth agape like “WHAAAAAT  iiiiiiiiiiiisss this?” And even while thinking that am like, “huh, they kinda sound like the Kingston Trio or Simon and Garfunkel but also like Tricky’s Maxinquaye from the mid-90’s” which is the most bizarre combo of all time. These guys are super talented. I can’t even imagine how a group gets together and creates something like this, but evidently it took them 5 years to put this album together. I’ll bet there is some crazy sh*t on the cutting room floor. I am convinced that when the aforementioned book that I love is made into a movie–which is happening right now–it MUST have this song scored in somewhere. I don’t get to make those kinds of decisions, but just throwing my two cents in.

I was kind of torn about whether to post a video of the band performing in all their nerdy glory or post the video that started this whole train of thought. At 10 million views I am clearly late to this party.

* no, it isn’t.


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