It’s Friday and I’m in love…

Recently, on an errand I picked up a tiny sample size of a perfume that was my perfume in High School. I haven’t worn it in many years and I really haven’t even smelled it on anyone in a very long time. I tend to wear clean scents and this particular scent is a floral. not just floral, but the matriarch of all things floral: Quelques Fleurs. There is nothing subtle about this scent. I dabbed it on expecting to be kinda grossed out, but instead I was transported. It is hard to articulate, but I am different when I wear this. Scent is so strongly attached to memory– a little redolent walk into a previous chapter–and I admit that for a tiny spot of time, I felt 17.

Music, at least music at its best, is transportive as well. My hope with this blog is to post music that moves me and hopefully you will enjoy it too. I love pretty much every genre  of music so I hope to share a little of everything. I am not someone who romanticizes the past and I don’t think of High School as the pinnacle of life; I wouldn’t go back for all the money in the world, BUT there was a feeling of unencumbered, responsibility-less existence that as an adult gives me pause and makes me smile.  My first music selection is a song that makes me have that feeling every time I hear it. It is butterflies in the stomach, getting ready to go out with friends, slightly angsty High School drama all rolled into one. Enjoy. ~ Maggie


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