I will see Ray Lamontagne for the second time in a few months. I can’t wait. He is amazing. BUT, I must say that as his singles roll out one by one in an orderly and very calculated/marketed way, I am longing for the Ray of old. (I’m sorry, it’s true.) I’ve devoured articles about his newest album, incredulous that he battled debilitating self-doubt to the point of stopping his creative process and that this album, this Supernova, is what came to him as a freeing process that unveiled itself, songs revealing themselves, etc. yada yada. I mean no disrespect, but HOW does an artist question the veracity and beauty of something like the album, “Til The Sun Turns Black,” which while not as widely received as “Trouble,” is masterful in it’s execution. It is such an album-y album. The last two songs must be in tandem or it is just depressing. Together, it is stunning. Til The Sun Turns Black has only a beat between its conclusion and the beginning of Within You and it is perfection . You are taken to the nadir with “Til The Sun Turns Black” and then you rebound with Within You and the sum total is transcendent.

you go from:

“Can you see the corporate man
He’s winning on the telephone
His possessions are his throne
Till the sun turns black”


War is not the answer
The answer is within you

Love, love
Love, love

I am looking forward to the concert, I will listen to whatever he creates, but I hope/wish  that he can harness whatever self-doubt he was battling because his past, more heartfelt albums are exquisite.




Sad version of “Happy”

This made me laugh today. I am actually quite sad this song has been sooooo overdone on the radio of late. I love it. I will always love it, but I’m thinking I need a vacation from it. It is on every station all the time.

I tend to love songs in the minor key anyway. Hope your day is great!


I just returned from Santa Fe. The High Desert air always does me good.

Each visit brings new and lasting memories and this trip was no exception. The weather was gorgeous and I got to spend lots of time outside. I had the good fortune to spend the weekend with my brother who had all kinds of fun music recommendations, but far and away my favorite tidbit he shared was the documentary, Twenty Feet from Stardom, which was so great that two days later I am still thinking about it. I adore the voices; the music, and it is at once life affirming and heartbreaking. It is the story of the backup singers to all of the musical giants since the 60s. There are many layers to that movie. Hopefully it will win an Oscar.  Many scenes stick with me from the film, but I was riveted by Merry Clayton’s description of how she came to sing “Gimme Shelter” with the Rolling Stones. That is my favorite Rolling Stones song (or at least high top five), and she absolutely makes the song what it is.



It’s Friday and I’m officially down the rabbit-hole of Beatles cover songs this week. I love this Ben Folds cover of “Golden Slumbers”. Such a gorgeous song with beautiful inflections and background strings. Anything with a Cello just kinda kills me. It is different to hear this without the immediate addition of Carry that Weight right after, as they are together on Abbey Road, but it makes it just sort of sweet and mellow. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend!


It is February after all, so snow shouldn’t surprise me, but I had no idea it was going to snow today. It is a beautiful and unexpected sight. I’ve got Beatles’ covers on my brain now, so thought I would share this really lilting and lovely cover of “Here Comes The Sun.” Timely because I am looking forward to Spring; craving the sun and warmth. This song is just so sweet and so optimistic. It is one of those tunes to keep in your reserves to turn a day around.  It is, again, a collaboration from some super talented artists: David Crosby, Graham Nash and (one of my all time favorites) Paul Simon.

This weekend I will see Paul Simon for the first time and I am so excited to hear him live.  Sting will perform as well and I am crossing fingers that they will collaborate on something special. Regardless, it will be a real treat to hear two artists do what they do best.

February Fave

I really REALLY wanted to love the new Broken Bells album. So far it is just ok. Which is kind of disappointing because I think the Broken Bells is such an interesting side gig for these two musicians. I love musical collaborations. So, it was with unexpected glee that yesterday I heard a fabulous cover of the Beatles’s “And I Love Her” by Broken Bells. It was featured on David Letterman who is honoring the Beatles this week due to the anniversary of their legendary Ed Sullivan Show performance that forever changed the musical influence and direction of this country.  First, I will say that it takes serious chutzpah to cover the Beatles. Ever.

But I really, really like what the Broken Bells did with this song. I think that they pull it off handily.  It is very pretty. I only wish they had chosen such an interesting direction for their own album. No one can replace Paul singing that song, BUT, James Mercer’s Shin-zy warble around the 2 minute mark is perfection. Enjoy!